Forty Clothing always has and always will have a commitment to people and product, and moving forward into AW18 really underpins this foundation.

This seasons outerwear has really progressed and will focus on the functionality of the garment – it will comprise of  50/50 down fill feather with a heavy duty ripstop waterproof fabric, which also ensures a windproof finish. 


What is Ripstop Fabric?

Ripstop fabric is a thin, lightweight and waterproof fabric. It is very high quality and is also breathable. Ripstop fabric has raised squares in the fabric to prevent it from ripping and is great for outdoor use, including waterproof jackets, bags and much more.
Continuing with our commitment to product, we have improved our garments by including Tricot fabric within the neck area.


What is Tricot Fabric?

 Tricot is a term for any kind of warp-knitted fabric, that has been knitted on a tricot warp-knitting machine. The fabrics can range from very sheer and lightweight to opaque and heavyweight. The term comes from the French word for “knitted fabric.”
They can be made from manmade or natural fibres, and the unique weave allows them to be smooth on one side and textured on the other.

We will be releasing two new outerwear pieces very soon. The BUCHANAN collection will come in two variations; Jacket and Gilet (image above) and we are extremely excited to share both garments with you.  Keep an eye on our social channels for another update.

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