Norwell Tee (White/Photochromic)

Colour: White/Photochromic

Forty have always been a obsessed by the specialised finish and this particular one has got us a little bit excited... because it's literally "magic" (or so it seems)

Photochromic inks react to the sun and change colour once exposed to sunlight. Although pale when indoors, in strong UV or black light this ink bursts dramatically into intense colour. These inks are reversible and will become colourless again without UV exposure.

The forty half monster is printed in regular black ink, and the deface eye (blue) and mouth (lilac) are printed in Photochromic ink, and will dramatically appear in direct daylight! Wear this tee indoors and all that's visible is the black monster. Step outside and the black monster will transform into the DEFACE Norwell design, complete with blue eye and lilac smile.

All will become clear! 

  • 100% Cotton
  • 220gsm
  • Relaxed fit
  • Front FORTY Half Monster Print
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