People Behind People: Harry Miller

People Behind People: Harry Miller

We would like to introduce to our Forty Family the first of our People Behind People series which delves into the “Why” of what inspires us and the things that make Forty Forty. Starting the series is our founder and owner Harry Miller.

forty clothing people behind people harry miller

From working in retail for so many years, how has that impacted Forty as a company?

Working in retail has been the absolute foundation of what Forty is today. I loved the shop floor from day one. It’s the only true way for me to feel, listen and absorb everything that we can to make changes we need to better the product and ultimately ourselves and I also like to talk (non-stop).

 What inspires you daily?

Where can I start. Almost everything in my life first and foremost my family, the fact I get to do what has been my obsession every day for all these years. The amazing team we have at Forty as each and every person brings something unique to the family as we all love what we do. 

How do you find growing up and living in Glasgow has impacted you and your inspiration?

I love Glasgow. No matter where we travel it just has the right mix for me. There are so many creative people and interesting places. The most important thing for me is the sense of community and belonging people have. They never take themselves too seriously but if they do there’s always someone ready with a sharp bit of humour just to remind them. 

forty clothing harry miller

“The thing I love about Glasgow is the sense of community and belonging”

What moments stand out to you as highlights of Forty?

Because we don’t look at Forty as just a business there has been lots of milestones for us but what has been amazing is how much our team has grown so much over the last 5 years, I’m very much in awe of how incredibly talented our forty family are. 

How has music impacted your life?

From my late teens music has been a constant feature in my life. I was able to peruse my DJ career from then and have been fortunate to play at some of the most iconic venues. From T in the Park , space in Ibiza and some incredible Glasgow residences it’s been AMAZING. 

What have been some of the changes you have seen in fashion throughout the years and is there anything you miss? 

Fashion ultimately repeats itself and I’m at the age that anything I missed is probably just around the corner LOL

What would be your dream Forty collab? 

A dream collab for me would be a FORTY X REDBULL 

“Anything I have missed in fashion is probably just around the corner”

forty clothing people behind people harry miller

What is the favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourite item in my Wardrobe! That’s a really hard question as I have a lot of different looks that I’m inspired by but I would have to say I have a maze CAMO jacket from Hancock that I absolutely love.


What is your favourite track right now?

My favourite track at the moment is Room 1.5 by Joseph ray it’s a real cross between an atmospheric house track with a Monster killer stab. 


Where do you see Forty in 40 year’s time?

I see Forty in 40 years being run by my two kids Bryce and Blaire and already there both starting to take a real genuine  interest in fashion at such a young age which is music to my ears. 

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