Taking Gordon Harry Miller’s infatuation with purpose-driven streetwear, paired with self taught graphic artist Peter Love’s eye for design, FORTY clothing was conceptualised in 2013. What began as Harry’s three-year-old son, Bryce’s sketch has evolved into a pillar of Glasgow’s independent retail community through FORTY’s unmistakable monster logo.

Forty Monster

The journey has been a determined one, from selling t-shirts in a frosty January basement to opening a pop-up store in sunny Ibiza, FORTY now stands two stores strong within Glasgow, and is heavily influenced by the city’s beating heart of vivacious culture.


Drawing inspiration and experience from terrace and club culture of the 90s, FORTY clothing continues to celebrate the long-standing community it has created. From customers to staff, the brand is, and always has been, led by the people who support and influence it. FORTY balances on its values of purpose, honesty, tenacity, and of course, a healthy dose of rebellion to boot, which has contributed to its longevity on the high street.


After a decade, the FORTY team and community have continued to flourish in all aspects, driven by bringing people together through a love of culture and cultivating authenticity.


Put your dancing shoes on and leave your ego at the door. 


C’mon in.


We are FORTY.