People Behind People: Peter Love

People Behind People: Peter Love

For the second edition of our People behind People series we delve into the why and find out more about our designer extraordinaire Peter Love. We learn about Pedro’s interests in robots, camouflage and fake Forty stores. 

people behind people peter love

Where do you seek inspiration from?

I get inspiration from observing every day life in Glasgow and visiting European cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam. I keep a mental moodboard of things I see and like.


What pieces in your wardrobe are your favourite and what makes them standout?

It would need to be a gilet. I have an unhealthy amount of gilets in my wardrobe. It’s impossible to choose a favourite. I like wearing gilets… whether it’s too warm to wear a jacket or too cold not to wear one, no one ever questions a gilet as it’s bang in the middle.

“I keep a mental moodboard of things I see and like.”

people behind people pedro

Where does your love of camouflage come from and what camouflage is your favourite?

I’ve always loved army camouflage from growing up playing with action man figures right up to modern day where it is still strongly used by numerous fashion brands. My current favourite is Serbian Army camo, which has a really cool colour scheme and bold defninition.


What stood out to you about the Forty Monster?

When I first saw the drawing it really caught my eye and I was really fascinated by the detail. I still am. It’s very eyecatching and now iconic

people behind people pedro

“I’ve always loved camouflage from growing up playing action figures to it being featured in fashion now.”

What is your favourite Forty piece you have designed?

Tough question. If I had to choose one i’d probably say the Cubic Reflective design from our Geometric collection (2018)


Why do robots appeal to you and what one would you say is your favourite in your collection?

I’ve always had a slightly nerdy obsession for toy robots. I always manage to find obscure shops that sells vintage toy robots and have built up a small collection sourced from various countries. My favourite is my 1980 Japanese Spacebot.


What is a lesser known fact about you?

According to my DNA i’m 4% robot.


What are some of your favourite designers and how do they influence your designs?

Maharishi. The label is defined by its ‘pacifist military design’ strapline, with a heavy use of camouflage and military-themed design. They have also maintained a strong ethos of respect for nature, while utilising the latest technology.

“My favourite Forty design is probably the Cubic Reflective from our Geometric pack in 2018.”

people behind people cubic sweat black

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Stop buying robots. You’re an adult.


What do you think makes Forty unique?

The story behind the brand and the monster drawing makes us unique. Not many brand identities were created from a three year old’s sketch.


Was your background always in Graphic Design?

Yes. I was fortunate enough get into graphic design straight from school. I was always interested in design and fashion and finally got the chance to design within the fashion/retail industry when Forty came along.


What do you see in Forty’s future?

I’d love to see Forty becoming a global brand and maybe even a fake forty shop opening somewhere.


Follow Peter on instagram at @evolution4zero 

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